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BIM (INFORMATIONAL BUILDING MODELING) is aimed to imitate the real construction process. With BIM we get to virtually construct buildings employing the real-life clones of the construction elements like walls, columns, windows etc. That gives you the simulation of what your building will look like and that differentiates BIM from 2D modeling. Since the data is stored in the main database if any changes are made, they are automatically transferred to all drawings that are generated based on the model itself. Thanks to that BIM not only adds immensely to productivity increase, but can furthermore be used to amend and improve the construction process as well as facility management. 

In addition, BIM can add to a real time communication improvement between architects and contractors thus reducing construction time, This is done due to spotting collisions at construction time as well as reducing number of changes

As part of the BIM workflow, Urbia.Design robust team of internationally recognized BIM experts produces intelligent 3D models in-house for unlimited, coordinated graphical and tabular views of virtual building models.

With our clients in mind, we are committed to producing 100% of its contract documents using BIM for consistent excellence in project execution and timely project communications from start to finish. There are many benefits of using these models in post-architectural services such as energy analysis for green buildings, faster cost estimating and bidding, and promoting integration from design and construction to facility management.

Additionally, we are flexible in developing building models entirely within the BIM platform from existing documentation like PDF, CAD, and laser scans, to name a few.