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BIM Outsourcing data

Given that BIM outsourcing may address challenges associated with its implementation among general contractors, this suggests that companies are adopting BIM outsourcing services offered by specialized Information Technology (IT) firms rather than using in-house BIM personnel for the creation and application of their BIM models.

Further, strategic reasons for out- sourcing BIM include globalization, information digitization, and standardization of certain architectural aspects, which may facilitate outsourcing, resulting in benefits such as cost reduction and improved business performance.

However, because outsourcing adds a new dynamic to the traditional BIM process, it may affect how BIM is used as well as the recognized impacts BIM usage has on projects. A 2008 McGraw-Hill Construction study suggests that general contractors are more likely to outsource BIM functions than other project stakeholders, such as Architects or Engineers. It also found that only 7% of the contractors outsourced BIM in 2008 but expected the number of contractors associated with the practice to increase considerably over the years.

A 2018 analysis of two-hundred and fifty-two complete responses from general contracting firms performed by Sandeep Langar confirms the 2008 assumption and reports that 45% of responding companies have outsourced BIM. This signifies that outsourcing has become an important facet of BIM implementation. The most commonly outsourced function was constructability (clash detection), with 56% of respondents reporting outsourcing this feature. The next most outsourced function was visualization (3D modeling) with 42%, and the third was as-built and shop drawings with 40%. 41% of contractors choose to outsource even though they possess in-house capabilities. Further, a combined 54% of contractors disclosed that they either outsourced completely or outsourced functions of which they were not proficient.

When the contractors who reported outsourcing BIM were asked to identify which geographic locations they outsourced to, the two countries primarily reported were the US (94.7%) and India (22.1%). China and the Philippines followed the two with only 3.5% of contractors outsourcing to each nation.

The question is, why not Ukraine?

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