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Every project gets the best people it needs to service the clients need be it creators, architects, engineers, IT guys, VR specialist etc. We are dedicated to make URBIA.DESIGN a place where customer’s needs are met with the highest expertise possible.

  • 37 architects

  • 15 engineers

  • 3000 ha

  • 4 mln sq m of residential space

  • 1 mln sq m of office and public spaces


We see ourselves as a team of outsources professionals in the areas of architecture, design, engineering. We can comprise a diversified team to serve as an additional set of hands for your project:

  • serve as additional workforce for your sophisticated industry of architectural design and construction business (provide the work hours needed as well as BIM competence to speed up the project’s completion date as well as provide cost-cutting through saving time for rework or clash detection on the early stages of the modeling itself)

  • take your architect's hands off the routine tasks that are time consuming (we can do the routing work e.g. DD with your architect's s basic supervision, thus letting your professionals focus on more creative challenges like concept creation, idea generation. This might in turn contributing to improving your revenue stream since you might be able to process more projects at the same time).

  • provide the cost cutting (the labor resource though skilled and experiences costs less than the Canadian counterpart. That will surely improve project’s margins. Knowledge acquisition wouldn’t be a problem in terms of the state standards. We show a high aptitude for learning.).